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Courtney Again... by Ffphreek
Courtney Again...
She's quite disappointed, seeing as her role is a mere item vendor in my next game.

Im bored. Played Destiny to death... maxed out to lvl 27. Gimme a life plz.

Also... I like pointy hats...
Sophie by Ffphreek
Just drawing for the hell of it...

After I finished, I noticed that I used the exact same pose as my image of Emily... oops...
RPG 3 Final Demo by Ffphreek
RPG 3 Final Demo
Finally got off my lazy ass and did this. Hoorah! This is the last time you'll see the Dark Souls mushroom.

So there. Limit Breaks fully functional. Integrated the circular wait timer as best I could. And there are finally Victory and Game Over scenes (For when you get owned!)
Haven't noticed any major bugs, but try for yourself one last time.

Now you have to wait till I finish the entire gaem! Hahahahaha!
(Game stuffs...) uhhh is this better? by Ffphreek
(Game stuffs...) uhhh is this better?
NOT A DEMO! I'm still touching up the FINAL demo! Yes, FINAL demo! Then you must wait the many aeons till I actually finish the rest!

So like, I thought of a different way to display things like HP, MP, Limit counter, and the Waiting counter. And they line up the best like this.

- No window. There's no display window behind the stats. Instead I have cube like things behind the circular variable counters.
- The limit break counter has been changed from being a horizontal bar, to the red ball thing in the middle of those cube thingies. It fills up vertically according to a characters amassed limit.
- Also changed the Wait counter from being a bar into that orange border that surrounds the red limit ball. It starts off empty and characters take a turn when it completely fills counter-clockwise.

So is this better than the interface I had last? (which you can see here, AGAIN… )
Feedback will be worshiped, and held within the deepest parts of my soul.

NOTE: I most likely won't integrate this into my current game, since I'd have to redo lots of work with coding and layering. But will have it in the game after. But ultimately, it all depends on dat valubal feeback though. Feedback... maybe.... heh, hehe.... 
Ragnaul's Red Knight by Ffphreek
Ragnaul's Red Knight…

Belongs to :iconragnaul:. I've always thought this guy was pretty kick ass, so I decided to give him a well deserved design update... slightly. Had fun with this one, and it's also my first time drawing a fully armored character. :p
Or so it seems. Well, they just announced that they'll be shutting down the rest of their stores. I'm honestly surprised it didn't happen sooner, considering how popular Netflix has become. It is a bit sad to see it go, since I used to love going there as a little kid. If I didn't rent any cartoons then I just liked to see all the games, even though I never rented any. It was basically like little nerd kid eye candy. Plus, I still like getting movies that come in a box (case) with, more or less, nice cover images of the movie rather than streaming. My dad feels the same way: childhood memories gone. Eh, but he got a Netflix account, so problem solved.

I went to one of the Blockbuster liquidation sales a bit earlier with my dad and bro. I got 3 games for half price, my dad got some Blu Rays and DVDs, and my bro got nothing. Saved 90 bucks on those games, not bad of a deal. The games I bought were Dead Space 3, BioShock Infinite, and Final Fantasy 13-2. I would never want to pay full price for these games (especially FF), so it's good that I found them half off. I can honestly say that knowing that I got these games cheap made them more enjoyable. By the way, Dead Space 3 is just NOT scary at all... but I honestly wish it was.

Other than that I've been loaded up with work from school, having long essays and journals to write. Art assignments are starting to take three to four hours minimum for each, but they are usually fun to look at in the end. And aside responsibilities, I also got another dog. It's a large and heavy Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and he has the face of a Pitbull. I would be delighted of he was actually part Pitbull. So now we have three dogs; two male and one female.

As far as animating goes, I'm working on a third RPG. It will utilize similar play as the ATB based battling, but now I just call it the "wait" bar. I'm planning on having 3 party characters at a time and as many as five enemies at once. The only real problem I'm having is coming up with foes and enemies. 
I also added a leveling up feature and the option for some characters to change weapons. One major difference in battle is that each character has 3 basic attacks, a list of abilities that require MP, but they start of with no MP. Attacking with the regular attacks generates some MP for the character depending on how strong the attack is. It's a different style of gameplay, so that's why I'm trying it. I'll try to have a demo out in the next month or so. 
Considering how much I want to put into the game, I'm not how sure how big the filesize will come to be. It must be less than 30 MB, but I'm still not very good at optimization. Bah, whatever. I'll try my best to put a game out for peoplez!

Anyways, that's all the gibberish I have to blabber about. Until next time :iconhappy-aiplz:!
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United States
Awww, but being evil is fun...

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